November 2020: I did an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for their program Power & Politics, to discuss the economic and public health implications of COVID second wave lockdowns. You can watch it here, starting around the 20:20 mark  .

December 2018: I recorded a podcast with VoxEU.org to discuss my work with Matias and Nir on the changing demand for skills in good paying jobs, and the implications for men and women in the labour market. You can listen to it here .

March 2017: I did an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for their long-running radio program Cross Country Checkup, to help introduce their episode on robotics and Artificial Intelligence in the workplace. You can listen to it here .

September 2016: The Atlantic magazine wanted to get economists' perspective on the following question: "If you were about to enter college, what measures would you take to future-proof your career and earnings? What skills do you think will be of the most lasting importance in the economy?" My thoughts, and those of folks more qualified to give advice than me, can be found here  .

July 2016: I took part in a symposium commissioned by the White House on the near term implications of Artificial Intelligence. The AINow event brought together folks from the private sector, academia, and government to discuss the social and economic implications of AI technologies we face in the next 5-10 years. I was lucky enough to be one of the plenary speakers during the public lecture, and act as the voice of economics during the panel discussion. You can watch the youtube video here  .

April 2016: I did an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for their radio program WorkLife. We talked about job turnover and occupational mobility over a worker's life cycle. You can listen to it here, with my part coming in around the 13:15 mark  .

April 2015: Computer scientist Michael Osborne (Oxford) and I took part in a discussion with Dan Damon for BBC World Update. We talked the future of automation in the workplace, in conjunction with the release of Nir and my report for the Third Way. You can listen to it here, starting at the 8:50 mark  .

December 2014: Nir and I were very kindly asked to provide a summary of our research at the intersection of macroeconomics and labor economics for the NBER Reporter. You can find it here, along with our somewhat cheeky bios  .