Working papers


COVID and the economic importance of in-person k-12 schooling  .
with david green, ali karimirad, and gaelle simard-duplain.  posted: december 2020.

The distribution of COVID-19 related risks  .
with patrick baylis, pierre-loup beauregard, marie connolly, nicole fortin, david green, pablo gutierrez-cubillos, catherine haeck, sam gyetvay, timea molnar, gaelle simard-duplain, maria tenyenhuis, and casey warman.  posted: september 2020.

The growing importance of social tasks in high-paying occupations: implications for sorting  .
with guido matias cortes and nir jaimovich.  updated: august 2020.
a previous version circulated as "the 'end of men' and rise of women in the high-skilled labor market"; see the media coverage at the wall street journal (and picked up by fortune), quartz, bloomberg, livemint, bloomberg view, the sydney morning herald, the guardian, and bloomberg view again; listen to our podcast summary at

The macroeconomics of automation: data, theory, and policy analysis  .
with nir jaimovich, itay saportka-eksten, and yaniv yedid-levi.  updated: june 2020.